Monday, February 20, 2012

Nadia Montenegro vows to continue fight vs Annabelle Rama!

Former actress Nadia Montenegro admitted on Monday that she feels exhausted with her five-month legal battle against talent manager Annabelle Rama but vowed to continue the fight.

""I'm not gonna lie, it's draining emotionally and physically. My whole family is tired," Montenegro said.

"The children are having a hard time but you can't back out from something that you hold -- the truth. ... Kung pwede nga lang ilalabas ko na ang lahat ng nasa dibdib ko but I don't want to go too low or personal because I don't want to be like her," she added.

Despite the rains, Montenegro attended the Monday hearing at San Juan fiscal's office for the multiple cases she lodged against Rama, who manages her daughters Annyka and Alynna.

Rama did not attend the hearing but her lawyers asked the court to dismiss the charges for lack of merit.

"Complainant's act of stating untruthful narration of facts makes her liable for perjury punishable under under Article 183 of the revised Penal Code...dismiss this charge against me for lack of merit," part of Rama's statement read.

Rama and Montenegro are set to face each other again on Wednesday at Quezon City Justice Hall for the hearing of child abuse case filed by Montenegro's daughters. 

Report from Mario Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

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