Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sarah Geronimo goes 'daring'!

It’s not every day that an artist as young as Sarah Geronimo gets her own musical-variety show titled Sarah G. Live. Then again, Sarah is not like any other artist. She’s in a class of her own, evolving from being a 15-year-old singing champ into a successful triple threat as a recording artist, performer and actress. Now, she gets to do serious hosting, too, in her solo show on ABS-CBN every Sunday night, and she’d be the first to admit that it’s a huge responsibility on her plate.

Sarah readily acknowledged that the hosting aspect of the show will be a novel experience for her, and that she will treat Sarah G. Live as a form of “training ground.” “I don’t want to pretend to be someone I’m not. I’ll just be myself. Like di naman ako fluent sa English, pero kung may foreign guest, then I’ll get an interpreter!” Sarah mused.

Of course, Sarah might be trying to downplay expectations of her as a host, but it’s not hard to agree to what she believes will work to her advantage — her openness. “It’s not just any musical-variety show. There’s a lot I can share with the audience. You know me. Napapagalitan nga ako, kasi tuma-tactless because I share with you almost everything. But I’m not afraid to do it because I think that’s what the people like about me, my being open with them,” she said.

Other things to look forward to are concert-level performances and collaborations with other artists. She said, “I want to maximize what I have, do other genres like rock, rap… I want to be more adventurous.”

According to Sarah G. Live director Erick Salud, Sarah will do about five songs every week (along with several costume changes) including a finale number that will segue to “Sarah speaking from the heart.”

G-Force’s Georcelle Dapat-Sy, the show’s choreographer, also said that whatever dance numbers Sarah will deliver here will take a markedly different turn from the production numbers she used to do in the Sunday variety show ASAP, where Sarah’s dancing skills were first showcased and polished. Meantime, Sarah is taking a temporary leave from ASAP to focus her energies on the new show.

“I’m turning 24 this July (so) I hope I’ll mature in all aspects (through the show),” shared Sarah. “I want to see myself mature as a performer.”

The famously wholesome Sarah gave out a laugh and said that being daring doesn’t necessarily mean she will be baring more skin in the show. Performing stunts, yes — “I don’t mind being thrown into the air if the performance requires it,” she said.

She added, “Daring (could also mean) being more open with (my feelings) with the people — that I also get hurt, that I also get angry, na may kabaliwan din ako. If you ask me, it’s already like getting stripped in front of you, although not literally.”

Meanwhile, Sarah was also asked for a reaction on the shocking death of Whitney Houston, arguably an idol of many a singer around the world. She said she grew up looking up to Whitney and singing her songs, so much so she couldn’t help but get a bit emotional when she said that what happened to Whitney’s life is a cautionary tale for her. “It’s so sad. That’s my fear, to get to that point. Fame is fleeting, also power. It’s such a waste, (she had) her pure talent. Siya yung nanduduon na, pero nawala... That’s why the family is so important. Learn not to take them for granted because they will be the ones to guide you and will be honest enough to tell you if you’ve done something wrong. That’s what I treasure now, my family, because even if we have misunderstandings, I know they will not leave me.”

Also joining Sarah in Sarah G. Live, which premieres tomorrow, Feb. 23 after Rated K, are Luis Manzano as co-host, Louie Ocampo as musical director, G-Force and Gab Valenciano as dance performers, plus special guest co-host every week.


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