Saturday, February 11, 2012

John Lloyd Cruz, Angel Locsin do 'intimate' scenes.

Upcoming film “Unofficially Yours” will stay close to reality in portraying sexual intercourse between two people, director Cathy Garcia-Molina said.

In an interview with, Molina explained why there are several bed scenes in the movie starring John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin.

“Nilagay ko ‘yung intimate scenes not for anything, pero kasi kailangan ko sa kwento. At nilagay ko ‘yun hindi para sabihin sa young viewers na ‘ito ang gawin niyo.’ Nilagay ko 'yun kasi 'yun ang realidad,” Molina said.

In order to depict “reality,” Molina went to certain lengths she said were challenging and daring for John Lloyd and Angel.

Recounting her previous project with John Lloyd (“My Amnesia Girl”), Molina said the young actor’s role in “Unofficially Yours” had him much less clothed in comparison.

“Talagang walang natira sa kanya (John Lloyd). Hindi ko naman ito-totally nude siya,” Molina said. “‘Yun ang iiwan ko sa imahinasyon niyo."

“Actually, hirap na hirap kami kasi in reality, kapag nag-se-sex ka naman wala ka namang balot eh, wala ka namang takip. But this is film and you want the audience to watch nang hindi naman sila na-o-offend. Lalagyan mo ng cinematic light, but as much as possible we want to show what’s true and what’s real.”

This “true” and “real” treatment of the subject made Angel very nervous, as it entailed her to bare more skin than she is used to for her role.

“Si Angel talaga kinabahan. Namumula siya at grabe ang lamig-lamig ng kamay niya. Kasi first day of shooting love scene agad,” Molina said.

“Paano niya na-overcome 'yung nerbyos? Kailangan nararamdaman niya na protektado siya, na hindi siya nababastos, na kailangan ko siya maghubad at mag-plaster kasi kailangan ko sa eksena. Hindi dahil gusto ko sabihin ‘Oy si Angel nakahubad o!’, hindi eh. It’s never the intention of the film or any of us.”

What the film intends, Molina said, is to show the reality of being in a casual relationship, albeit with a touch of “comedy to lighten up the feel” of the story, which she terms as “matapang.”

For her part, the box office director said that “at the end of the movie, naniniwala pa rin ako do’n sa regular type of relationship, ‘yung traditional kind na girlfriend-boyfriend.”

“Unofficially Yours” will be showing in theaters on February 15, under Star Cinema.


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